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you couldn't save me

I'm sure most of the Jacket fans have seen this, but I wanted to post this at my own journal. I've been wearing my Team Jacket and Team Juliet t-shirts (my roommates made them for me for my b-day) all weekend and I felt the need to show my couple some more love. While I think it's a little too soon to be trying to save our ship since I don't think it's doomed yet, I still think it's a good idea to show TPTB how much we love Jack and Juliet's relationship. So,

I know, not very cathcy, but I have been studying all day. Look under the cut for all the information regarding the current Save Jacket Campaign. 

Also, SIGN the SAVE JACKET petition HERE: 

Let's let them know Jacket fans are just as vocal and just as passionate as Jaters and Skaters

Okay our slogan is "We Miss The Toothpicks Too"

so a simple letter (someone said Darlton prefer hand written letters so hand write it)

Dear Damon and Carlton,

Please do not put an end to the beautiful relationship between Jack and Juliet. We love them together and feel they are made for each other. A mature, healthy and romantic pairing. The chemistry between the actors, Matthew Fox and Elizabeth Mitchell are off the charts and should not be put to waste. So please bring back Jacket because We Miss The Toothpics Too!

Yours truly,

(your name)

Write here, and please don't forget to include a box of toothpicks!to them

Damon Lindelof and/or Carlton Cuse
c/o Lost Touchstone Television
500 South Buena Vista, Building #343
Burbank, CA 91521

Okay, now I'm officially going on hiatus for the rest of the week, so enjoy the week everyone. If anything good happens, feel free to email me at I'm off to study a little bit more and then pass out.
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